Succession Certificates


Law succession certificate lawyer to make strong grip on ancestral property

What is the importance of succession certificate?

Succession certificate is one of legal documents that would be handover to legal and real heir of the deceased person. It can be given to the authorized persons according to the rule and regulation of civil court. The need of this certificate becomes necessary as deceased person dies without telling their wish to their child. With the existence of this certificate, the person becomes authenticated to rule over their property. 

The court will permit to access all documents that include the brief history of all assets, debts and securities of deceased persons. This document clarifies that what the relationship is of deceased person with petitioners and date, place, time. This certificate is beneficial to all heirs and holds the equal rights on the holders on the concerned property. In the presence of it, you can know what the remaining existing debts. It must be paid off to concerned authority.

What is the role of succession certificate?

None of you know the exact declaration about the existence of causality of your family member. But, it can take anytime and documentation of succession certificate is must for you. In other words, secession certificate serves as the legal documents. As a dead person does not clarify their wish regarding the property materials, succession certificate creation is must to do action under the supervision of highly experience law experts. Having created this certificate, an individual can take claim about to take property or not. No matter how much debts have been left, the holder has to pay their debt and transfer securities to all possible destinations.

What is the procedure of obtaining the succession certificate?

To get this heir claim certificate, a petition is applied before district judge. The official power of the deceased person at the time of his/ her death relates to get the right of do this act or not. Another possibility is that they do not have the fixed place to reside. The district judge provides the authority to entitle the concerned rights to heir after valuable assets calculation.

What points should be included in the petition of succession certificate?

• Time description of the passed away person
• Accommodation and property details of the death person during their causality time to decide the jurisdiction rights
• Family and other kith and kin details
• What is the privilege of the petitioner?
• No hindrance presence for granting the certificate

What is the limitation of succession certificate?

The court will implement some bond between one and more sureties for providing the debt and securities of deceased persons. The person, who fills the application form for this document, is entitled to part of debt and securities.

What is the validity of the succession certificate?

The validity of this certificate is valid in the nook and corner of India. While you are residing out of country, you can get the same certificate effect under the court fee Act 1870. In the other words, the value of this certificate is equally available in India and foreign countries as well.

How does our Legal NRI service help you to obtain succession certificate?

Take the through details of bulleted list to understand how legal NRI service helps you to obtain certificate. Read it in sequence.

1. We collect all security investment of the deceased family member. We will find out all new and old details of the unclaimed dividend.
2. RTA shareholder
3. Choose the most experience lawyer to understand the whole scenario of this certificate
4. Our lawyer team will prepare well formatted jurisdiction form as per the court instruction.
5. On the hearing date, the petitioner will represent it on hearing date.
6. Our qualified attorney will take this petition, court proceeding and many more co-related documents.
7. The lawyer will be accountable for proceeding the court work effectively.

What modification is required in succession certificate?

It may be possible that an individual is not comfortable with precise documents sets and claiming of document cannot reside in well formed stage.

The association of our law form is helpful to cover the unlawful petition statement. Hence, it would be good to tell your requirement to our professional and they prepare the modified documents.