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International Trade law /WTO

International trade law includes the rules and customs governing trade between countries. International trade lawyers apply domestic laws to international trade, and applying treaty-based international law governing trade. Two main areas of international trade on the domestic side include trade remedy work and export controls/sanctions. Trade remedies are tools used by the government to take corrective action against imports that are causing material injury to a domestic industry because of unfair foreign pricing and/or foreign government subsidies.

Export control laws govern the exportation of sensitive equipment, software, and technology for reasons related to foreign policy objectives and national security. On the international treaty front, companies may need advice on the rules of the World Trade Organization (“WTO”), which is a formal international organization that regulates trade. Other relevant treaties include the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) and bilateral investment treaties

Arbitration in International trade law

The importance and originality of international trade is manifested in the use of arbitration, which has become the mode of ordinary law resolution of international trade disputes, with the exception of the courts.

Arbitration is an alternative method of dispute resolution, the main advantage of which is that parties to a contract do not have to choose a national jurisdiction. Thus, when the parties have recourse to arbitration, the law chosen to govern the contract will be applied impartially since the arbitrators chosen will generally have neither the nationality of the parties to the contract nor the nationality of the law applicable to the contract.

We handle advisory in Export & Import Laws and procedures, drafting & legal vetting of international trade contracts, etc.

We represent various companies throughout the world for their dispute in India besides advising Indian companies on international trade laws. We enjoy cream clientele and reputation in India and International Arbitration arising out of international trade.

Our Lawyers advise importers and exporters, of various countries including India, who are facing various issues in international trade be it customs law, foreign exchange laws, import & export procedures, international trade regulation, anti-dumping duty, etc., in India.

SA Legal and Advocates and Associates render the following advisory & litigation services in International Trade laws:

  • FEMA –Issues including violations, remedy & litigation
  • Insurance – Advisory on claims, disputes & remedy in insurance disputes.
  • Maritime & International Arbitration – Handling international arbitrations under ICC, SIAC.
  • Debt Recovery in India for foreign exporters
  • Foreign Trade Policy – advisory, representation & litigation in hand held manner.
  • Commercial Agreements – Commercial legal documentation & vetting for International trade, etc.
  • Ex-parte Counsel Opinion – We advise companies before they enter into international trade into India or Indian companies in other parts of the world for dos & don’ts.

We have extensive experience guiding companies and industries through the detailed trade regulatory processes and are adept at simplifying complex substantive regulations and procedural timetables. With our access to key decision-makers, we are able to provide timely communication and representation.