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Big Ticket Real Estate Transactions

Big-ticket real estate deals took place in hordes previous years, with several HNIs (High-Net-Worth Individual) and UHNIs (Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individual) snapping up luxury real estate at better prices. From leading business tycoons and start-up founders to Bollywood stars, there was a buying spree that propelled the luxury real estate market towards making a speedy recovery. The green shoots in the luxury market continue with big-ticket deals happening swiftly in major metros in India. Some years earlier, there was a flurry of luxury real estate deals seen in Delhi-NCR, with several entrepreneurs and start-up founders upgrading to bigger and better homes. The same trend was seen in Bangalore. Mumbai has been steady in terms of clocking the largest realty deals in the country which is natural since it is the costliest housing market too.

Big-ticket real estate Land deals are still making their presence felt in the market, especially in metros like Bangalore and Mumbai. They are a testament to the continued resilience of the luxury property segment in the country.

The big-ticket deals in the sector which range in crores; High net worth investors and NRIs are typically the buyers for many expensive properties in India.

Key Points:-

Big-ticket Estates are major purchases, such as a Land, Properties that require a significant financial commitment

Since big-ticket Estates are long-term purchases, many customers take time to research options before choosing to buy.

Many sellers offer financing to help customers afford big-ticket Estates. This is easier to pay on a monthly basis, but you will ultimately pay less with an upfront payment.

Customers hesitate before purchasing big-ticket Estates. Many sellers have developed psychological tricks to help ease customers into the commitment.

A number of big names have recently invested in luxury property taking advantage of the stamp duty reduction in Maharashtra.

A diamond merchant from Surat, purchased a Worli Seaface bungalow for a sum of Rs. 185 crore. The bungalow encompasses a ground floor, basement, six floors and offers several amenities.

CEO and Vice-Chairman of Indian Bank, purchased three premium apartments in Mumbai for a handsome Rs. 41.23 crore. with a stamp duty payment of Rs. 95.6 lakh. In 2020, ex- Managing Director of the same Bank invested jointly in a sea-facing luxury property for Rs. 50 crore in Malabar Hill.

India’s richest billionaires now owns South Mumbai’s second-costliest property. It is one of the biggest real estate deals in 2021, he snapped up a deal in real estate property in South Mumbai for a mind-boggling Rs. 1,001 crore!

Big-ticket luxury real estate deals are back in India, especially over 2020 and 2021, in spite of the pandemic. Several billionaires or millionaires among other ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNIs) and high net-worth individuals (HNIs), have been investing in prime real estate throughout the country.

The Online Share Trading and Investment Broker Family Trust bought two duplex apartments located in 33 South Condominium at Peddar Road for Rs 101 crore.

Chairman of Bharat Serum & Vaccines’ bought two sea-facing apartments on South Mumbai’s Carmichael Road, spread across 6,366 sq ft, for Rs 101 crore.